Saturday, 27 April 2013


There's a simple concept to this small, relaxed restaurant in Frizovia, Dogs & champagne.
They describe themselves as a 'champagne bar with a difference' - that is certainly true!
We tried to go last Saturday evening, we were told the wait would be 1 hour 45 we gave up on that particular evening- but it meant it must be good!

We went for lunch and managed to squeeze onto a table.

There's a huge selection of champagne.. I thought it best to order what the waiter recommended!

My bubbles..

Tam went for the Cherry Soda, which was a bit like Dr Pepper.

Bubbledogs seems to be quite an organized place, and our food promptly arrived! 

Tam tucked into her dawgg

Let me introduce you to the Buffalo Dog.


Cheese...why didn't I order this beauty?!

I had the Horny dog.. a deep fried pork sausage. ooooo


Our side order, Tots! ...what are they I hear you ask?

They're mini potato fritters, covered in breadcrumbs. But all you really need to know is they're gorgeous.

Another side we could have ordered were sweet potato chips. The couple beside us had some, I couldn't help eying them up...unfortunately I feel to take a picture of their chips would have been slightly socially unacceptable! damn it

We were given a mini sort of 'guest book' with our bill. Inside we found a few cheeky comments!

Our wonderful artwork..

Another cute comment we came across..

Bubbledogs is EXTREMELY popular at the moment. If you are in groups over 6 you are actually able to book. Otherwise go along one day you think it wont be too busy. We went on a Saturday lunchtime and had to wait 10 minutes which was a great improvement on the 1 hour 45 from last week which we gave up on!  

Check them out here!

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